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We believe that

nature works for you.

That's why we offer nature as an inspirational place to work, reflect and recharge. 


How would it be to move away from your daily work system, and still have a comfortable work space? We offer work spaces in nature and let you experience the positive effects of nature.

Scientific research shows we all want to spend more time outdoors. Facts also indicate that being in nature reduces your stress level, makes you more productive, creative and social.

So, expand your gaze and enjoy a wonderful day 'outside'.

It will make you return to your office,

full of energy and new ideas. 

Curious how we work and what we offer?

Leaf the office
LEAF the system

'Being outdoors' and a 'comfortable working space' come together in our outdoor furniture 'LEAF the Desk'.

A perfect way to offer an inspiring and healthy working environment that

contributes to the vitality and well-being of your employees.

360 degrees rotatable for some shade. Solar energy to provide continuous power supply to charge your laptop. 


LEAF the Office is a co-working and meeting space in nature. It offers you an inspirational flex office with a broad view on nature.

A sustainable and self-sufficient building, with all the comfort of a professional office.


A great place to work, reflect and recharge.


Sometimes you need more to get a new perspective or reflection on your daily work. Or to integrate well-being and vitality into your core business.


That is why we offer programs to facilitate change and guide you, from inspiration towards realisation, in conscious working and living. 
On individual, team and organisational level.


As an individual looking for an inspirational place in nature to (co-)work, reflect and recharge, once in a while? 

And wondering where that will be possible, soon?

Please follow us on Social Media because that's where we keep you posted with the latest news about our LEAF the office locations!

As a nature reserve owner, company

or local government?

 And seeing possibilities for a LEAF the office or LEAF the desk

in your reserve, company garden or park?

Please call us!

+31 (0)6- 455 36 355

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