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and let nature work for you

In times where 'every hour counts’, 'being busy' seems to be a status symbol and burnout % rates are ever rising,

we believe people should be reconnected to nature.


Because it has been proven, over and over again, that nature works for us.

It makes us more conscious, relaxed, social, creative and productive.


As people we are not meant to be 'busy’ and ‘ inside' all day.

We need ‘relax’, 'recharge' and ‘outside’ time as well. Especially in these times.

We know Nature is good for us. And we love to be outside.

But still we mostly (90% of the time) stay inside. Because that is what we are used to. Nowadays.


As LEAF the office we want that to change and help working people to make that step outwards again.


By stretching the borders of a healthy and inspiring working environment

by connecting ‘ outdoor' to ‘ indoor' and

by making ‘relax& recharge’ time as valuable as ‘busy’ time.


By doing so we want to contribute to a new kind of being and working that not only focuses on ‘ being busy' but also encourages people to combine working hours with being outside in nature and time to relax, reflect and recharge. Both being valued and seen as being productive


'In this way people stay balanced, healthy and energized.


So why only recharge after work and wait for the holidays or weekend?

Let’s integrate it on a daily basis!

It is fun, good for us and so easy.

Let’s do it! 

Curious how we do that? and how we can help you and your team

to make that movement towards a more balanced, energizing and healthy way of working?

Please call us and we will tell you more about our 'LEAF the system' workshops.

+31 (06) 455 36 355

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